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Anatoly Zverev


Soviet Nonconformist Art from A to Z


Museum Story


The Judges: Who Are They?

September 9 – November 7, 2021
100 | 200 RUB

AZ Museum


The exposition will unfold on the three floors of the AZ Museum, combining the works of recognized stars of the Russian art scene. The curator of the exhibition project, Polina Lobachevskaya, paradoxically “rhymed” abstractions of Vladimir Nasedkin and the outrageous figures of Grisha Bruskin, early metaphysical compositions by Francisco Infante and virtual structures of Platon Infante, futuristic images of Sergey Shutov and a video installation by Aristarkh Chernyshev. Sergei Bratkov (with a new video work) and Iraida Yusupova (fragments of a video opera) are performing with separate "numbers" in this avant-garde, cosmological action. Architectural and design solutions of the exposition are made by Gennady Sinev.

Answering the question, what unites masters so different in temperament and artistic strategies, Polina Lobachevskaya writes: “Each of them definitely has one feature in common, it is the point of intersection with the legendary avant-garde artist (Zverev). This trait is personal and creative independence. And each of them has created their own unique artistic world and exists in their own carefully constructed coordinate system. And everyone's world is so interesting, convincing, and in some cases, captivating that it attracts and fascinates both art connoisseurs and inexperienced spectators."

By the way, two parts of the art project will unfold at the same time on two exhibition spaces, connected with each other by a dedication to Anatoly Zverev. Perhaps today we are experiencing another round of the historical spiral: once Zverev's art inspired contemporaries, gave them a stream of fresh air and led them beyond gray, constrained everyday life, and today the search for new energy and artistic landmarks can be associated with the name of Anatoly Zverev. Isn't this the best homage to one of the brightest heroes of the "second avant-garde"?

The participants of the project “The Judges: Who Are They?”: Grigoriy Bruskin, Vladimir Nasedkin, Francisco Infante, Sergey Shutov, Aristarkh Chernyshev, Sergey Bratkov.

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