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Zverev Art Prize. Exhibition of the Nominees



In the beginning of 2021 (to be more specific, on February 23) the AZ Museum announced the contest of art projects within the Zverev Art Prize. Conditions of the application were highly democratic. The topic and motto of the contest became the famous aphorism of the Russian artistic movement “World of Art” reformulated by A. Zverev in his autobiography: ART IS FREE, LIFE IS CONSTRAINED.

The applicants were encouraged to submit projects that would show creative freedom and innovative, non-stereotypical processes. All these qualities were assessed by the Expert Panel, which included leading gallery owners, critics, and teachers of various art institutions (the list of the Expert Panel members is attached).

We received more than 2000 applications from 169 cities of Russia and from 32 countries all over the world. Each of the 7 experts had an opportunity to examine in detail any application and to secretly vote “for” or “against”: participants with the highest number of votes were automatically shortlisted. As a result of the vote, the list of 50 artists was formed. Their art works now are going to be displayed at the final exhibition at the Exhibition hall New Manezh.

Novelty and originality of works became one of the most important criteria for the contest. The artists were not limited by any borders. It is not surprising that 50 projects/finalists are so widely different: the art ranges from series of paintings and experimental videos to large installations and monumental objects. The Zverev Art Prize curators Antonio Dzheuza and Sergey Solovyov faced a task not only to gather in the Manezh space all the art works (the majority of them were created just prior to the vernissage), but also try to discern internal links for creating a full exposition. The spatial and design solution was taken over by a team led by architect Petr Tolpin. This exhibition was conceived of not just a parade of outstanding artists; it is intended to show a characteristic slice of the contemporary art world and some of the most up-to-date trends and phenomena of today's Russian art scene.

Simultaneously with the announcement of the competition, the Jury was formed. It will select three winners of the Zverev Art Prize in the halls of the New Manezh (announcement of the winners is planned for September 22). It's no secret that the prestige and level of any award is directly related to the competence of judges. That is why Natalia Opaleva and Polina Lobachevskaya (also members of the Jury) came up with the idea of the second part of the exhibition project: showing the achievements of the panel of judges, united by the ironic title "The Judges: Who Are They?"

The participants of the Zverev Art Prize exhibition: Abikh Vladimir, Agant Mele, Alekseeva Marina, Andrzhievskaya Anna, Anosova Elena, Artemenko Elena, Arkhipov Vladimir, Afonina Anna, Baever Antonina, Vouba Diana, Gaidel Ivan, Ganeev Eldar, Grikovsky Valery, Gronsky Alexander, Dashevsky Alexander, Zubarev Ivan, Kawarga Dmitry, Kazmina Anna, Kolesnikov Ilya, Korina Irina, Croitor Olga, Krutkin Alexey, Kulkov Vlad, Kutovoy Alexander, Lerner Lera, Lipatov Danila, Martynov Ilya, Morozov Alexander, Motolyanets Semyon, Muzalevsky Evgeny, Muravyova Katerina, Muromtseva Ekaterina, Nasybaya Novikov Ivan, Ovcharenko Margo, Parshchikov Tim, Perkin Vova, Plavinskaya Elizaveta, Potapov Vladimir, PROVMYZA, Prokofiev Sergey, Savintsev Fedor, Trushina Margo, Tumorin Ilya, Urban Alla, Fatkhullina Antonina, Fedorichev Yegor, Hiroshige Fyodor, Ekhos Inna, Yusupova Iraida.




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