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Costakis' Choice

July 9 – November 12, 2020

AZ Museum


New AZ Museum project is dedicated to the legendary collector George Costakis (1913–1990) who assembled and opened to Russia and to the world works of the representatives of the first Russian avant-guard. The collector was among the first who started supporting Anatoly Zverev.

George Costakis had to leave the Soviet Union in 1977, but the major part of his amazing collection he left in his motherland, also gifted to the Tretyakov Gallery, The Andrei Rublev Museum and to The Tsarityno State Museum-Reserve.

In 2013, Costakis’ daughter Aliki gifted to the AZ Museum over 600 works by Anatoly Zverev. The art works from all these collections you would see in the new AZ Museum project.

"Costakis’ Сhoice" is not only a tribute to the memory and respect of the legendary collector, but also an attempt to reveal the mystery of his unique ability to see a talent in artworks of unknown or forgotten artists who died a long time ago; to predict a great future for a young artist who paints the fences in Sokolniki.

"My collection made Me", — said George Costakis. But the collector himself "made" the destinies of the characters of his collection, having written down their names in the history of art.

What exactly is "Costakis’ Choice" you could learn by visiting our new exhibition, seeing the media installation by Platon Infante and the film where people who knew George Costakis personally talk about the phenomenon of the famous collector.

CEO of the AZ Museum:  Natalia Opaleva
Author and curator: Polina Lobachevskaya 
Art-director: Gennadiy Sinev 
Media artist: Platon Infante
Director of the film "Costakis' Gift": Elena Lobachevskaya 


The AZ Museum expresses gratitude for participation and support 

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video trailer


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