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Anatoly Zverev


Soviet Nonconformist Art from A to Z


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One Artist's Theater. Photo Album

This album contains the photographs, depicting Anatoly Zverev in 1960s-1980s. One part of them is already known via lots of publications of the outstanding artists-photographers such as Igor Palmin and Vladimir Sychev. Another part represents rare, unknown moments taken by Zverev's friends and comrades.

"One Artists's Theater" for the first time shows the photos from the Costakis' archives, gifted to the AZ Museum by his daughter, Alika Costakis. Also, the album reveals the archives of Vladimir Nemuthin, Dmitri Plavinsky, Anatoly Brusilovsky, Igor Kuznetsov, Natalia Shmelkova, Larisa Pyatnitskaya, Vladimir Kurdukov and George Apazidis. Some amateur authoress photos create a particular atmosphere by conveying the mood of the passed away epoch.

This edition is an exhilarating photo narrative, dedicated to the lonely artist. Zverev's character was very artistic: he was a person-performance, whose life journey is imprinted on all the memoirs. The AZ Museum assembled the most striking photos, where the Zverev's life theater takes place. It's not an attempt to recreate the detailed biography, but a wish to inspire readers by the unusual nature of the hero, by his freedom during the times of ubiquitous tightness, reigning in the country.

The book became a prize-winner of the Tokyo Type Directors Club 2019, received a silver medal on the competition European Design Awards 2019; became the winner of the D&AD Wood Pencil Awards 2019

Year: 2018
Publisher: AZ Museum
Format: soft covers
Language: Russian, English

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