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On the Threshold of Paradise. Tatiana Chernova

March 20 - July 17, 2020


Citizens of Ivanovo met the spring of 2020 with the AZ Museum project, organized with the "First Avant-guard Factory". It was dedicated to one of the most poetic and multifaceted artists of contemporary times — Tatiana Chernova. Paintings and tapestries presented in the Ivanovo Museum and exhibition center, merge the classical traditions (Renaissance and Baroque painting) with sensitive emotional experiences of today. 

Incessant quest for an ideal, loneliness and placelessness of a person convert to the transcendent spaces of her monumental art works — to some divine, visionary valleys. Tatiana Chernova’s artistic method resembles the "Old Masters": she weaves one rug for months, or creates a multi-meter painting with meticulous brushstrokes. At the same time, all Chernova’s works are imbued with the spirit of the new century, where both exaltation and melancholy "homo virtualis" could be felt. 

"In our time, exactly art is becoming a territory of survival — it promises harmony (may be, not here and now, but in probable future). In that regard, Tatiana Chernova’s artworks finely resonate with one more direction that dreamt of the beauty and perfection — with the Art Nouveau style of art of the early 20th century. In Ivanovo, there are plenty of examples of the elegant Art Nouveau architecture and decorative art. After visiting the exhibition, the viewers will immediately get this connection." — said Sergey Solovyov, curator of the project.  

Tatiana Chernova was born in Moscow and, starting from the 1990s, has been displayed at the leading galleries of the capital of Russia ("Kino Gallery", "Solyanka State Gallery", "House of Naschokina", "Polina Lobachevskaya Gallery"), her large-scale exhibitions were held in the Tretyakov Gallery ("Myths of Tatiana Chernova") and in The Museum of Decorative Arts ("Humans and Gods"). The artist participated in the international fairs and projects (ART-Moscow, Tapestry Biennale in Belgium etc.) Tatiana Chernova is a scenographer and author of costumes for the ballet "Moon Pierrot" (directed by A. Ratmansky, solo singer D. Vishneva). 

In 2019, the artist was one of the leading participants of the project "Isles of the Blest" within the festival the "First Avant-guard Factory". 

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