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Film Program "I can speak" goes on

The 2019/2020 film season is divided into two cycles:
Soviet cinema of the late 1960s-1970s
European cinema of the 1960s-1970s

Each cycle consists of 9 game pictures. The film program will help viewers to form a holistic view of the post-war European cinema and to see the Soviet cinema as part of the pan-European. Experts, perhaps, will prompt new directions in the study and understanding of this period in the history of cinema.

The IV part of the film program is devoted to domestic cinema of the second half of the 1960s-1970s. The time of high expectations associated with the thaw is over. But this short period, when it seemed that the dark pages of history are gone, ideological pressure eased, and the country felt part of the big world, was not in vain. For most of the Directors whose films are presented in our film program, this period was the main stage of creative biography. 

PROGRAM October 2 - "Welcome or no trespassing" / 1964 / dir. E. Klimov

October 9 - "Commissioner" / 1967 / dir. A. Askold 

October 16 - "You and me" / 1971 / dir. L. Shepitko 

October 30 - "Check on the roads" / 1971 / dir. A. Herman 

November 13 - "Monologue" / 1972 / dir. Ilya Averbach 

November 27 - "Not aching head have woodpecker" / 1974 / dir. Dinara Asanova 

December 4 - "Autumn" / 1974 / dir. A. Smirnov

December 11 - "One Hundred days after childhood" / 1975 / dir. S. Solovyov 

December 18 - "Pastoral" / 1976 / dir. FR.

The film screenings are a part of the two-year research program of the SIAS and the AZ Museum "Unofficial Soviet art of the 50-80s". It consists of a series of monthly interdisciplinary scientific seminars and is accompanied by public discussions, film screenings, concerts and exhibitions.

The program aims to study post-war art in Russia, to attract new archival materials and to systematically study the culture of 1950-1980 as a holistic historical and artistic phenomenon.
Admission is free

Start at 19:30

Venue: State Institute of Art Studies, Moscow, Kozitskii lane., 5

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